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Welcome to Jane Reichhold's world of poetry that will make you say, "Ah ha!" as you discover and explore the many short form genres of poetry. May your time on this site be blessed.

The Bulgarian translation of the Bare Bones School of Haiku has a new home with Maya Lyubenova on her website. (
Thanks to Maya for finding a better home for all the work so many did with the translation.


Bells and Haiku

Gail Thompson, Jeanne Jackson, Linda Bostwick (l-r) in the  performance with bells and haiku (written by Jane Reichhold) at the Point Arena-Stornetta California Coast National Monument celebration on July 20, 2014 in Point Arena.

Dear Lynx Readers,

Thanks to your good wishes and prayers, my tail bones are knitting nicely so that I have been able to exchange the walker for a cane. However I still do not have the ability to sit in a chair for as long as it would be necessary to compile an issue of Lynx. We do have a full issue!

So, Werner and I have decided we should skip the June issue of Lynx to try for the October one. This is the first issue we have missed in 24 years, so it is with great regret that we ask your cooperation with this. Please hold your submissions until we do get an issue out. All the materials accepted for the June issue are now being held for the October issue.

If this a problem for anyone, let us know so we can work it out.

Jane & Werner
May 2014

Sunset through the sea tunnel at Hearn Gulch by Paul Brewer

On Tuesday, March 11, President Obama signed into being the Point Arena -Stornetta National Preserve. That is about 12 miles up the road from us, but this is just across the road.     


AHA Books is proud to announce the publication of

multi-genre / multi-media in action
Jane and Werner Reichhold

 As a backup and a reinforcement to the idea that we need a new term for the poetry inspired by or based on genres from other cultures, Jane and Werner Reichhold have compiled works that prove the richness that results from symbiotic poetry as already represented through their magazine Mirrors and then from Lynx for over 20 years. Here you can discover and read poetry freed from imitation but still closely inspired by other cultures that appear mixed in startling ways. Poets and writers will be stimulated by the combination of solo works from these two authors plus the unification of their poetry, creating a new kind of multi-genre, multi-media anthology.

List Price: $14.00, 7.5" x 9.25" (19.05 x 23.495 cm), 282 pages, 2014.
ISBN-13: 978-1494422776; ISBN-10: 1494422778; BISAC: Poetry / Anthologies

Available from CreateSpace Store $14.00 $12.27; €9.44; £7.33



The October issue of Lynx is now online.

Thanks to every one who contributed to making this such a special issue.


Haiku Stone Path Inauguration

Saturday, August 17 at 4:00 p.m.

You can see more photos from the event.


On Sunday, July 21,
as part of the Mendocino Music Festival, they had a celebration of the ocean with shakuhachi music and haiku.

A marvelous video sample of the event was made by Carol Joyce & Nat Montoya

and you can attend the event by going to YouTube.


Werner' newest book


60 Ghazals in German

now online for your reading pleasure
(if you read German!)


Haiku Stone Path Inauguration

Saturday, August 17 at 4:00 p.m.

The Haiku Stone Path, the newest project on the Gualala Arts Center grounds, will be inaugurated on Saturday, August 17 at 4 p.m. as a part of 52nd Annual Art in the Redwoods Festival, with haiku readings by Laura Leigh and shakuhachi music by Karl Young.


After 20 years it is here -the Second Edition to A Dictionary of Haiku


You can get your copy at:
for the sale price of $16.20.


The new issue of Lynx is now online. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed and do check out those new haibun-renga in the collaborative poetry and read all about them in the article by Jan Foster!

Lynx 28:2


A new old book for you! This collection of Jane Reichhold haiku was selected by Kazuo Sate, President of the Museum of Haiku Literature in Tokyo, and translated into Chinese for the book, American Haiku in Four Seasons
in 1993 and now is out of print. You can read or download it.

chinese book cov













naked rock

My newest book, just out. It contains full-color photographs of rocks I have met, shot with a camera, along with the haiku I wrote for them. The book is available through Amazon,com and the European Amazon web sites.



The Brautigan Library just got a new book. It is Messages to Heaven and Back by Tosha Champion.You can find all the books to read here.


The newest issue of

is now available for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone who made this such a very huge and special issue.


AHA bc 2

The folks in the AHAforum just published an anthology of their works.The book is 6 x 9 inches, 144 pages, and costs $10 from

Happpy Day!
and THANKS to everyone there who contributed so much work to this effort.


When I heard that the last copy of Round Renga Round was selling for over $100 as a rare book, I dug out the old floppy disk, found all the poems (but not the illustrations), spruced them up and hoisted them on the web. You can read, download to save or print, the whole book at:

Round Renga Round


all the free Online Books from AHA Books


You probably hadn't noticed, but someone hacked into the site and wiped out the index to the book list in the Bautigan Virtual Library. I just got it back for you.

Brautigan Library Book List
Information about this very old feature here on AHApoetry


Leaves begin to fall and here in your lap (or laptop) is

October issue of Lynx

Twenty years we've published your poems. Many thanks for loaning them to us. It has been a great joy!


The earth moved, spring is here, and we have the
June issue of Lynx.
This is our biggest issue ever! Continued Thanks to every One who contributed.


The February issue of

has emerged from the snow for your reading pleasure. Thanks so much to everyone who loaned their work to make this such an exciting issue!


The October issue of

is open to you! Thanks to everyone who contributed!



Blake More did a radio interview with Jane on July 7th, 2011.You can access it at with a Windows Media Player. Thanks Blake for so much fun! and all you do for poetry.


stoneThe Bare Bones School of Haiku
is now open!

Here you will find, can click on, download, print or save 14 lessons on how to write haiku. If you have been unable to really understand this poetry form, surely these lessons will help you.


Tonight, March 28, I will be Blake More's guest on Womens' Voices on radio station KZYX 90.7 Philo at 7:oo pm. We will be taking calls the last 20 minutes. You can hear the interview on the web.



The marvelous folks on the Ukiah Poet Laureate Committee had my workshop on haiku video-taped so teachers not able to get to the meeting could see what they missed. You can also access it online:

The ukiaHaiku Festival contest ends March 11 so you can still enter.


February issue of Lynx is now up for your reading pleasure. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this great issue. Truly, it has many delightful surprizes.



Just added Janick Belleau's contributions to Those Women Writing Haiku in Chapter Four. You can read the talks  Women and Haiku in French, Thematic Evolution, talk for Haiku Canada, 2008 and  Canadian Haiku Women and Inner Thoughts; talk for Haiku Canada, 2009.


AHA Books announces two new books that are very special and yet have no haiku or tanka in them. In 2001 Jane became interested in a system of daily prayer known as a "Divine Office" - getting business-like and serious about prayer. Inspired by Jim Wilson's Zen Book of Hours, Jane created for herself A Book of Hours for the Grateful Heart that is non-denominational; it is for the spiritual. This project is now available for others in


an 8 x 11 coil-bound book of 118 pages. It is like a workbook so that the prayers are completely individualized with your concerns and your friends and family.

Because doing the Liturgy or Divine Office usually involves the use of the Psalms, Jane found she could not pray them because of the ideas of violence and retribution given to the idea of God. Also knowing that the Psalms are some of the most magnificent poetry, she set the lines free of chapter and verse to return them to being verses as they were intended. In Psalms As New Testament God is returned to the New Testament idea of being loving and compassionate part of our lives.


Psalms has 300 pages in 6 x 9 perfect-bound, cover - by Heidi Vetter!. Both books are available at

Blessed be!


The newest

is now up for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this a very special issue.


wr cov

Symbiotic Art, Book 2, by Werner Reichhold, 2010. 8,5:11", 96 pages,77 pages in full color. ISBN: 978-0-944676-88-2. $ 25,- post paid.
This second book represents a continuation and an extension of the collage series presented in Book 1. The collages in Book 2 include more social aspects important to artists during the past centuries. Also new and therefore enlarging the former aspects of collage is the integration of picture and poetry in some of the works. If you liked the first book, Band 2 will continue the surprise and delight.


rib cover

This issue of Ribbons contains the article, "Teika's Ten Tanka Techniques" which you can read here.


circus cover

This is the latest book of tanka and haiku from AHA Books with an outstanding difference! Hans-Peter Goettsche, of Berlin Germany, a friend of Werner's since their days at art school, has added his marvelous artwork. In 1990 the Pickle Family Circus came to Bower Park outside of Gualala. The poems written that day were sent to Hans-Peter and these are the drawings he made for those poems plus his own thoughts and memories of circus events he had known. Poetry and drawings to tickle your funny bone and put a tear in your eye as you survey the human condition.

Perfect bound, 10 x 7 inches, 86 pages,
$18. ppd. from AHA Books,
or order from or


The book, White Letter Poems by Fumi Saito, has been out-of-print for several years. So as of today it is now on the web for your enjoyment. Re-reading her tanka has certainly enriched my day. I hope you will click through and read or download the poems.



The newest issue of Lynx is now online
for your reading pleasure.
Thanks to everyone who contributed!


The copies of Twenty Years Tanka Splendor went out around the world by mail as the prizes for this year's Award winners. It contains the winning poems from 2009 and a listing of all the winners of the 20 years of this contest. In the Afterword, in the history of this contest, is the news that this is the end of this project. That is one more reason to get a copy of this book. Perfect bound, 85 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, $10 ppd from AHA Books.



Symbiotic Art is Werner's new book of art collages.
The text is in German with a preface in English..Seventy images are in full-color. Perfect bound, 96 pages, 8 x 11, $25. ppd.
from AHA Books.
A wild book with wild ideas.

SA cover


Finally got the copies of A Film of Words!

$12 each postpaid from AHA Books

This contains all of the online version plus the play "Roar" which is an excellent deal for those of you who are interested in multi-genre collaborative writing.



Got my copy of the 25 year Anniversary Edition
of William Higginson and Penny Harter's
The Haiku Handbook


It is now on sale in Japan
and will be available in the USA in the spring.
Check it out!


The Ahctober issue of

is now online for your ahtumn viewing pleasure!


Devin Jones is the winner of the
Sea Shell Game #61
Check it out and see if you agree with me.


The "Haiku Book River"
at the
"Polyglot - Book Arts" Show at Gualala Arts Center
Saturday, June 13 - July 5.


14 ft. x 12 ft with 9 pounds of silver-lined beads on gauze
More on Jane's artwork.


Jane's Blog on Beads



Tanka as you didn't know tanka could be. Racy, modern and a far cry from Japanese ancestors. Order from


The June, 2009 issue of LYNX is now online.


Jane spoke at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco on April 23, 2009. The talk was videotaped and is online

commonwealth club




See you do count! hmpg Started March 26, 1996. Hey! Hey! Julie Larsen of Milwaukee, WI was visitor 100,000 at 1:44 pm on 6/25/98!


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