XIX:3 October, 2004

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Deadline for the Tanka Splendor Awards is September 30, 2004. Remember you need to have entered your tanka in order to be able to vote. Read all the rules and send your poems in at TANKA SPLENDOR Contest Rules


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MAY IN A VASE by master poet, Alec Finlay, host poet, Gerry Loose, Co-ordinator, Alex Hodby, Sheila Butterworth, Lilli Broduer, David Fine, Amy Gott, Morven Gregor, David Lewis, Helen Lucy Pheby, Beth Rowson, Josie Walsh.

WALKING BACKWARDS by master poet, Alec Finlay, host poet, Felicity Manning, co-ordinator, Beth Rowson, Anne-Marie Culhane, Stephen Watts, Elisabeth Sutherland, Tom Richardson, Frieda White, Tim Tunley, Shirley Ross, Amanda Ravetz.

HAH HE SAID by Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett

HOT by Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett

DUNK by Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett

A BLOOMING ORCHARD by Silva Ley & Jacques Verhoeven

THE TALL BARN by Silva Ley & Jacques Verhoeven

FORLORN IN THE FIELDS by Silva Ley & Jacques Verhoeven

IN LOVE WITH A STRANGER by Betty Kaplan & Max Verhart

POUNDING OF THE AUTUMN SEA at Monterey Dunes, California led by Patricia J. Machmiller 

LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL by Tomislav Mareti & Karina Klesko 

THE SUN COMES IN by Marlene Mountain & Francine Porad

UNBRUSHED HAIR by Marlene Mountain & Francine Porad

WHO'S READING THIS by Marlene Mountain & Sheila Windsor

A FRESH START by Francine Porad & Marlene Mountain

GADGETS by Francine Porad & Marlene Mountain

BAITING THE HOOK by Patricia Prime & Catherine Mair

AUTUMN GOLD by Patricia Prime & Ron Moss

THE KEEPER OF TWO DOORS by James Joyce & Werner Reichhold

THE SKY FULL OF STARS by Sprite, John R. Snyder, Karina Klesko, John Carley 

SLEEPY TIME by Max Verhart & Betty Kaplan

WITH STICKS AND DOGS by Sheila Windsor & Marlene  Mountain

THE JUDGE ASKS by Sheila Windsor, Marlene Mountain, Cindy Tebo

RED STEER by sheila windsor & ron moss

FIRE AND BRIMSTONE by sheila windsor & ron moss

SONG IN THE GAPS by sheila windsor & ron moss

A SNAKE SKIN IN THE CANOE by sheila windsor, cindy tebo, karina klesko



GHAZALS -  THE TIME IS UP… by T. Ashok Chakravarthy, DISMANTLED LONGINGS by T. Ashok Chakravarthy, REIKI RAIN by Tree Riesener, FINAL RITES by Tree Riesener

HAIBUN - IF I COULD by Gerard John Conforti, PAINT CHIPS by Gene Doty, TRAVELER'S MOON by Karma Tenzing Wangchuk, I MISS THE MOST by Betty Kaplan, TWO COMPLEMENTARY SHORT STORIES by Werner Reichhold

HAIKU by Serena M. Agusto -Cox, Victoria McCabe

SEQUENCES - MONTAUK by hortensia anderson, BLUE by Dave Bachelor, REPAIR GANG by Tony Beyer, TAROT MEDITATIONS by shirley cahayom, FOR OCTOBER by tom clausen, SUMMER HAIKU HARVEST by Leslie Einer, A POSY OF ROSES by Amelia Fielden, A GIRL MADE OF WATERCOLOR by Mary Rand Hess, NEW YORK NEW YORK by Ruth Holzer, PLAINT by Elizabeth Howard, VIEWS FROM A PATH by Fran Masat, JAZZ-FILLED NIGHTS by Thelma Mariano, FROM A GARDEN by June Moreau, A L O N E by R.K. Singh, F E A R by R.K. SINGH, SOUTH COUNTRY FAIR SUITE by Richard Stevenson

SIJO by Gino Peregrini, DREAM by Tree Riesener, EMISSARY by Tree Riesener 

CASKET IN THE HEAT by Lewis Sanders

TANKA by an'ya, Cristian Mocanu, kirsty karkow, john tiong chunghoo, June Moreau, James Wren, Betty Kaplan, Lawrence Fitzgerald, doris kasson, Victoria McCabe

WITHOUT GENRE with TOPSOIL by Sheila Murphy, HAND ME DOWNS by Sheila Murphy



2005 Tanka Calendar by Winfred Press, Larry Kimmel, and Clinging Vine Press, Linda Jeannette Ward. Spiral-bound (so it opens flat), 11" x 17", filled with ink drawings by Merrill Ann Gonzales, winning tanka and all the days of your life next year. To order the 2005 TANKA CALENDAR, please send $12 for USA and Canada postpaid, or $15 postpaid for overseas.  Checks drawn on US banks only, and mailed to either:  Larry Kimmel, 364 Wilson Hill Road, Colrain, MA 01340," or Linda Jeannette Ward, PO Box 231, Coinjock, NC 27923.

Isthmus by Tony Beyer. Puriri Press: New Zealand. 2004. Card cover, sewn, 5" x 8", 24 pp., $NZ15.00 (within New Zealand) or $US10.00 (outside). ISBN 0-908843-29-6. Order from Puriri Press, 37 Margot Street, Epsom, Auckland 3, New Zealand.

The Smell of Rust: Haiku by Margaret Chula. Katsura Press: 2003. Perfect Bound, 5.5 x 8.5, 100 pps., full color cover, ISBN 0-9638551-2-3, $14.95. Order from Katsura Press, P.O. Box 275, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

The First Hundred Years by Ruth Holzer. New Women’s Voices Series, No. 29, published by Finishing Line Press, P.O. Box 1626, Georgetown, Kentucky, 40324. Saddle-stapled, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 30 pps., ISBN: 1-932755-44-6.

Vital Forces by Yuko Kawano translated into English by Amelia Fielden and Aya Yuhki. BookPark:2004. Perfect bound with a full-color cover, 5.5 x 8.5, 180 pps., kanji and English with a foreword by Kawano. Order from Amelia Fielden

Cold Stars White Moon by Larry Kimmel. Winfred Press, 364 Wilson Hill Road, Colrain, MA 01340. Spiral bound, 8.5 x 5.5, 44 pp., $8.00 postpaid USA; $12.00 overseas, ISBN:  0-9743856-7-0.

Sanctuary by Giselle Maya. Published by Koyama Press, 84750 Saint Martin de Castillon, France. Hand-tied with handmade cover papers, 7.5 x 9.5 inches, 52 pps., $20.00.

A Review of Breasts of Snow by Sanford Goldstein

Destination by Aya Kuhki. stand@rt Publishing House, str. V. Babes, 3 B, et.2, ap. 14, 6600- LASI, Romania. Perfect bound, 128 pages, with a black and white photo section. Poems are in English and French by Dorin Popa.

Reeds: Contemporary Haiga No. 2 edited by Jeanne Emrich. Long Egret Press, Edina, Minnesota: 2004. Full color gated soft cover and full color illustrations throughout, 110 heavy-weight pp., 8.5 x 5.25 inches, essays by Stephen Addis and Raffael de Gruttola with an interview of Gary LeBel by Jeanne Emrich, $16.00. Order from Jeanne Emrich, P.O. Box 390545, Edina, Minnesota 55435.

Tulip Haiku: An Anthology by Angela Leuck. Shoreline Press: Quebec, Canada, 2004. Perfect bound with a full color cover, 5.5" x 6", 106 pp., Introduction by Christopher Herold, ISBN: 1-896754-34-1, $12.95 in Canada; $10.95 US. Order from Shoreline, 23 Ste-Anne-d-Belleview, Quebec, Canada H9X 1L1  

Boven de wolken (Above the Clouds) Derde haikoe-boek by Bart Mesotten. Uitgeverij Pelckmans: Flanders, 2003.Hardcover, 544 pp., Indexed, ISBN:90 289 3357 3. Contact Uitgeverij Pelckmans, Kapelsestraat 222, 2950 Kapellen, Belgium or Bart Mesotten, Drogenberg 100, 3090 Overijse, Belgium.


Susumu Takiguchi welcomes Jane and Werner as Joint Editor-in-Chief of World Haiku Review

Karina, along with Sheila  Windsor and Cindy Tebo, explains a linked tanka form they have invented.

Richard Stevenson elaborates on his work in this issue of Lynx and adds his bio.

Marlene Mountain explains the new renga form she did with Sheila Windsor.

T. Ashok Chakravarthy introduces himself to Lynx readers.

Gino makes a new discovery while studying the ghazal and suggests how to use it in combination with other genres.

Werner Reichhold explains his work, "Two Complementary Stories" and the forms he was working with in this piece.

EF writes to inform us of her web articles on the ghazal and tanka forms. Also she includes a very funny (and telling) story of her encounters with Nick Vergilio as a substitute teacher.

Hal Hamilow writes to report the death of his wife, Sumiko, an admired writer and translator of tanka.

Larry Kimmel and Werner Reichhold exchange letters about their work.

Yasuhiro Kawamura reports on Hatsue's condition since her stroke on June 6th.

Angela Leuck invites readers to send her haiku on the subject of either roses or jazz for upcoming books from Shoreline Press.

Pamela Miller Ness invites subscribers to her new tanka magazine - red lights, and gives all the information for joining.

Zolo sends a report of his experience of giving haiga demonstrations in prison.

paul conneally reports on the plans to write renga as a 24- hour performance piece at the Baltic Centre For Contemporary Art with 12 other poets. He includes the notes by Alec Finlay and a copy of the renga form they used.

PARTICIPATION RENGA by AB - Alice Benedict; CC - Carlos Colón; CF - Vikki Celeste Fannin; cg  - Cindy Guntherman; CSK - Carol Stroh Kemp; dht - Doris H. Thurston; DPK -Deborah P. Kolidji, DR - David Rice; DWP - Darrel W. Parry; EF - Eric Folsom; ESJ - Elizabeth St Jacques;  FA - Fay Aoyagi,  FP - Francine Porad;  FPA - Francis (Paul) Attard; GD - Gene Doty; GM - Giselle Maya;  GR - George Ralph; JAJ - Jean Jorgensen; JC - Jeanne Cassler;  JMB - John M. Bennett; JR - Jane Reichhold; JS - John Sheirer; JSJ - Joyce Sandeen Johnson; KCL - Kenneth C. Leibman; LCG - Larry Gross; LE - Lesley Einer; LJ  - Lael Johnson; MHH  - Madeline Hoffer; ML - Minna Lerman; MM - Marianne Marks; MWM   - Mary Wittry-Mason; N - Nika; NA -Nasira Alma; PC - Penny Crosby;  PGC - Pamela Connor; PJS - P.J. Sharpe; PS - Pat Shelley; R - Ronan; RF - Robert Flannery; SCH - Suzette Hains,  SD - Simon Doubleday; SMc - Steve McComas;  TLG -Terri Lee Grell; TV - Teresa Volz;  TW - Tundra (Jim Wilson) Wind; WEG - Elliot Greig; WR - Werner Reichhold; YH - Yvonne Hardenbrook; ZP - Zane Parks. 

In Memoriam

Sumiko Hamlow passed away May 28th at dawn.




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