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GREEN ON GREEN by Sprite, Eiko Yachimoto, Karina Klesko, Kirsty Karkow, Michael Baribaeu led by John Carley; SORTA SORTER by John M. Bennett after Ivan Arguelles after John M. Bennett; SUNDAY EVENING by Toni Davis (Aus) & Catherine Mair (NZ); THE APPARITION GYRATED by James Joyce & Werner Reichhold; I & EYE by Jim Leftwich and John M. Bennett; PIERCED BY A GOLDEN DAY by Elaine King & Karina Klesko; NO QUARTERS FOR CANDLES by Karina Klesko & Cindy Tebo; RANDOM MOVES by Catherine Mair &
Patricia Prime;
A POETS' CASSEROLE by Catherine Mair, Patricia Prime & Cyril Childs; WHISPERING SOFTLY by allen mc gill & karina klesko;  MORNING SONG by Catherine Mair &
Patricia Prime;
MUSIC IN THE PARK by Patricia Prime & Catherine Mair; probably 2 'real' renga sorta #6 by Francine Porad & Marlene Mountain in "chill-pill"; probably 2 'real' renga sorta  #7 by Marlene Mountain & Francine Porad in "squawking crows"; probably 2 'real' renga sorta  #8 by Francine Porad & Marlene Mountain in "program needed"; probably 2 'real' renga sorta  #9 by Marlene Mountain & Francine Porad in "rubble cleared"; probably 2 'real' renga sorta  #10 by Francine Porad & Marlene Mountain in "miles of trail"; BREASTS OF SNOW: Tanka of Fumiko Nakajoo Translated by Jane Reichhold and Hatsue Kawamura; PURE PINK PART I: SEEDLESS WATERMELON by lynne steele, betty kaplan, doris pearson, mary lee mc clure, cindy tebo, naia, karina klesko, sheila windsor, elaine king, carol raisfeld; PART II THE OTHER SIDE OF PINK: A SHOT IN THE DARK by doris pearson, sheila windsor, michael baribeau, b'oki (bette wappner), kevin ryan, cindy tebo, karina klesko, adelaide b. shaw, darrell byrd,betty kaplan; THE RAIN CEASES by Grant Savage & Betty Warrington-Kearsley


UNDER THE ION HAMMER by michael helsem, ON THE ROAD by Gene Doty

A GLIMPSE by Lynn Edge, RUIDOSO RAIN by Lynn Edge, IN A STRANGE CITY by Benita Kape, ONE SATURDAY MORNING by Betty Kaplan, TWO HAIBUN by r. wilson

WAT LAO BUDDHAVONG, CATLETT, VA by Ruth Holzer, SNOW  by Fran Masat, FOG/MIST by R K Singh, AUTUMN WIND by Robert Wilson

HOT KISSES . . . by 
Gino Peregrini
Gino Peregrini

THE GOOD CROP by Shane Bartlett, HILL POND: QUACHITA MOUNTAINS by Shane Bartlett,  CAR FERRY by Tony Beyer, MENDING by Tony Beyer, DOWN DIFFERENT STONES by Owen Bullock, NEW YEAR'S DAY by Tom Clausen,  tanka by Brendan Duffin, Sandra Graff, Momi Kam
Holifield, and Jeanne Emrich, CITY PARK by beverley george, RAIN IN RIO by Elizabeth Howard, NOTHING LEFT TO SAY by Brenda Humphrey-McMahen,
DE LIJN VAN EEN DAKRAND (THE PROFILE OF A ROOF EDGE) by Silva Ley,  NEW TERRITORY by Larry Kimmel, CLOSE CALL by M. L. Mackie, CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT by Thelma Mariano, THE ASSESSOR by Patricia Prime, IMPRESSIONS by Alan Spring, tanka by Keli Stafford and Joanna M. Weston, MISCELLANEOUS by Aya Yuhki

PEDIGREE by Sheila Murphy, COMMA by Sheila Murphy



Haiku for Lovers compiled by Manu Bazzano. MQ Publications, London, England: 2003. Hard cover with full color dust jacket, 6 x 6 inches, 256 pps., 250 haiku, illustrated with many pages in full color, ISBN: 1-84072-412-9, £9.99. Contact MQ Publications or find on

Sun Through the Blinds: Montreal Haiku Today, edited by Maxianne Berger & Angela Leuck. Shoreline Press, Quebec, Canada: 2003. Perfect bound, 6 x 6 inches, 176 pps., Canada $19.95, USA $16.95, ISBN:1-896754-32-5. Contact Shoreline Press.

Rise, Ye Sea Slugs: 1,000 holothurian haiku compiled and translated by Robin. D Gill. Paraverse Press, Key Biscayne, Florida: 2003. Perfect bound, 7 x 9.5 inches, 480 pp., illustrated, romaji and kanji Japanese and English. ISBN: 0-97426180-7, $25.00. Available on

a spill of apples: tanrenga and other linked verse by Carol Purington & Larry Kimmel, with drawings by Merrill Ann Gonzales. Winfred Press, 364 Wilson Hill Road, Colrain, MA 01340. Perfect soft-bound, 8.5 x 5.5, 49 pp., 30 pen-and-ink illustrations, $10.00 postpaid USA; $12.00 overseas, ISBN: 0-974856-6-2. Contact Carol Purington  or Winfred Press.

Four Seasons: Renga by Ed Baranosky and Jen Finlayson. Saddle-stapled, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 32 pp., full color cover, illustrated by Holly Briesmaster. Contact Ed Baranosky.

WRITING RENGA WRITING by Jane Reichhold with the 100 LINK WINTER RENGA FORM following the 1501 precepts as presented in Steven D. Carter’s The Road to Komatsubara.

Tom Clausen sends greetings, and Paul Conneally gives the web site of renga he has done with children.
Gerald England reports the death of Giovanni Malito Werner Reichhold writes to Alan Springs about tanka sequences. John Barlow advertises the Haiku Calendar by his Snapshots Press. Paul David Mena changes his web site, Gerald England has new book reviews available, and Ebba Story recounts a haiku reading in San Francisco. A "want ad" by Jim Wilson (aka Tundra Wind),  and the launch of Four Seasons, by Ed Baranosky and Jen Finlayson and the Book Fair in Toronto. Adri van den Berg writes of a translating experiment done in Holland. Linda Jeannette Ward gives the details about the 2004 Tanka Society of America International Tanka Contest. Francine shows Suhni's great new art and poetry web site.

PARTICIPATION RENGA by AB - Alice Benedict; CC - Carlos Colón; CF - Vikki Celeste Fannin; cg  - Cindy Guntherman; CSK - Carol Stroh Kemp; dht - Doris H. Thurston; DPK -Deborah P. Kolidji, DR - David Rice; DWP - Darrel W. Parry; EF - Eric Folsom; ESJ - Elizabeth St Jacques;  FA - Fay Aoyagi,  FP - Francine Porad;  FPA - Francis (Paul) Attard; GD - Gene Doty; GM - Giselle Maya;  GR - George Ralph; JAJ -Jean Jorgensen; JC -Jeanne Cassler;  JMB - John M. Bennett; JR - Jane Reichhold; JS -John Sheirer; JSJ - Joyce Sandeen Johnson; KCL - Kenneth C. Leibman; LCG - Larry Gross; LE - Lesley Einer; LJ  - Lael Johnson; MHH  - Madeline Hoffer; ML - Minna Lerman; MM - Marianne Marks; MWM   - Mary Wittry-Mason; N - Nika; NA -Nasira Alma; PC - Penny Crosby;  PGC - Pamela Connor; PJS - P.J. Sharpe; PS - Pat Shelley; R - Ronan; RF - Robert Flannery; SCH - Suzette Hains,  SD - Simon Doubleday; SMc - Steve McComas;  TLG -Terri Lee Grell; TV - Teresa Volz;  TW - Tundra (Jim Wilson) Wind; WEG - Elliot Greig; WR - Werner Reichhold; YH - Yvonne Hardenbrook; ZP - Zane Parks.


A Journal for Linking Poets  

XIX:1 February, 2004

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