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XVII:1, February, 2002



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by Debra Woolard Bender & Marjorie Buettner, paul.conneally & John Carley paul t conneally & alan j summers,  Allan Dystrup & Cindy Zackowitz, kirsty karkow & an'yaMarlene Mountain & Jean Jorgensen,   Marlene MountainFrancine Porad, Jane Reichhold & Werner Reichhold,  Maria Steyn & Karma Tenzing Wangchuk aka Dennis Dutton, Toshiko Makino & Eiko Yachimoto 

by David Clink
, Gene Doty, Ruth Holzer,  Sheila MurphyJennifer Pearson, Debra Woolard Bender,  Marjorie A. BuettnerGary LeBel, Larry Kimmel,  Jane ReichholdDebra Woolard Bender, Gino Peregrini,  Gino Peregrini, Kirsty Karkow, an'ya, Dino Bryant, Debra Woolard Bender Edward Baranosky, Marjorie A. Buettner,Tom Clausen, Gerard John Conforti, paul conneally, W. Flohr, Jack Galmitz, Momi Kam Holifield, Ruth Holzer,  Elizabeth Howard, karma tenzing wangchuk Larry Kimmel, Kirsty Karkow, Thelma Mariano, Giselle Maya, Emile Molhuysen, Jennifer Pearson,  David Rice, Ram Krishna Singh, John Stevenson, Maria Steyn, Bill West, Tim W. Younce John M. Bennett, Sheila Murphy,   Werner Reichhold


BOOK REVIEWS of This Tanka Whirl by Sanford Goldstein; A Pattern for This Place by Carol Purington; Moondust – Poussière de Lune. Giselle Maya with Edward Baranosky, Christopher Herold, Mari Konno, June Moreau, Pamela Miller Ness and Linda Jeannette Ward;  Raku by Edward Baranosky Legacy 2: An anthology of poetry from The Writer’s Literary Series of the Poets of Toronto and Central Ontario Branch edited by Edward BaranoskyRAISING THE BLADE: Haiku and Tanka by R.G. Rader; Karumi Moon: probing into ancient and modern haiku by Evelyn Catharine Yates;  Briefly Snowflakes by Jean Jorgensen; Dim Sum by the Route 9 Haiku Group;  A Purple So Deep. An anthology of haiku collected by Leatrice Lifshitz;  monk and i by vincent tripi. 

ARTICLES and LETTERS: THE DEFINITE FORM OF ENGLISH TANKA by yuhki aya; THE ORIGIN OF HAIKU by Hugh Bygott; Teikei: Notes on Stanza Structure by John Edmund Carley;  A WORD OF PRAISE FOR PARTICIPATION RENGA by Jane Reichhold; CONTEST NEWS Tanka Splendor 2001 Awards, TSA 2002 Contest Announcement; LETTERS from:   Maria Steyn, Larry KimmelTom Clausen, Maria Steyn, Marlene Mountain, Pamela A. Babusci,  Debi Bender, Werner Reichhold

PARTICIPATION RENGA by AB - Alice Benedict; CC - Carlos Colón; CF - Vikki Maldonado; cg  - Cindy Guntherman; CSK - Carol Stroh Kemp; dht - Doris H. Thurston; DR - David Rice; DWP - Darrel W. Parry; EF - Eric Folsom; ESJ - Elizabeth St Jacques;  FA - Fay Aoyagi,  FP - Francine Porad;  FPA - Francis (Paul) Attard; GD - Gene Doty; GM - Giselle Maya;  GR - George Ralph; JAJ -Jean Jorgensen; JC -Jeanne Cassler;  JMB - John M. Bennett; JR - Jane Reichhold; JS -John Sheirer; JSJ - Joyce Sandeen Johnson; KCL - Kenneth C. Leibman; LCG - Larry Gross; LE - Lesley Einer; LJ  - Lael Johnson; MHH  - Madeline Hoffer; ML - Minna Lerman; MM - Marianne Marks; MWM   - Mary Wittry-Mason; N - Nika; NA -Nasira Alma; PC - Penny Crosby;  PGC - Pamela Connor; PJS - P.J. Sharpe; PS - Pat Shelley; R - Ronan; RF - Robert Flannery; SCH - Suzette Hains,  SD - Simon Doubleday; SMc - Steve McComas;  TLG -Terri Lee Grell; TV - Teresa Volz;  TW - Tundra (Jim Wilson) Wind; WR - Werner Reichhold; YH - Yvonne Hardenbrook; ZP - Zane Parks.


 Sue-Stapleton Tkach
July 3, 1924 - October 29, 2001

Sue-Stapleton Tkach was a prolific haiku & tanka poet.  Her poetry was published in the USA, Canada and Japan, winning numerous awards, including a Tanka Splendor Award in 1997. She was a very kind & generous soul.  Always will to help, share her thoughts on poetry, and loan or give you a haiku or tanka book from her vast library.
Sue is deeply missed & never forgotten.
Safe journey, my beloved friend.
Pamela A. Babusci



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