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This issue of Lynx is dedicated to the memory of
the life lived and in thanksgiving for the additions to literature made by
Ruby Spriggs
1929 - 2001




XVI:3   October, 2001


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SYMBIOTIC POETRY by:  Ann Piet Anderson (apa), & Francis Fike (ff), & Marchiene Vroon Rienstra (mvr); Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy,
Maggie Chula & Jean Jorgensen, Cherie Hunter Day & David RiceCindy Guentherman
Dave Bachelor;
Marlene Mountain & Carlos Colón
; Naia & Marjorie Buettner; Zane Parks & Jeanne Cassler & Carlos Colón Carol Purington & Larry Kimmel;
Werner Reichhold & Jane Reichhold;  Alexis K. Rotella &
Marlene L'Abbe Rudginsky, Virginia Woolf,
Werner Reichhold

SOLO WORKS by Khizra AslamGene Doty, Giovanni Malito, Marjorie BuettnerBetty KaplanLarry Kimmel, Gary LeBel Marjorie Buettner,   Gino Peregrini, Kirsty Karkow, Edward Baranosky, John Bennett, Thomas P. Clausen Gerard John Conforti, 
paul t conneally
, Brendan Duffin,
Fred Flohr
Sanford Goldstein, Ruth Holzer, Elizabeth Howard, Larry Kimmel, David L. Kirkland, Angela Leuck
, Claudia Logerquist, Giovanni Malito, Giselle Maya
Thelma Mariano, June Moreau,  Carol Purington
, Claudia Retter, R K Singh, Marc Thompson, Rod Thompson,  Joanna M. Weston,
Sheila Murphy,  Dawna Rae

BOOK REVIEWS of Always Filling Always Full  Tanka by Margaret Chula.  Circling Bats: A Concrete Renga by Carlos Colón & Raffael de Gruttola.  Ravishing DisUnities: Real Ghazals in English edited by Agha Shahid Ali.  Decima Mucho by John M. Bennett and Ivan Argüellesnothing personal by LeRoy GormanCommitted to the Road (Predan Putu) by Marinko Kovačević.  Haiku – One Breath Poetry by Naomi Wakan. The Haiku Bag by Naomi Beth Wakan. Fragments by Alan J. Summers, Alasdair Paterson, Alison Williams, David Platt, Gerard England, Hugh Waterhouse, John Crook, Matt Morden, Matthew Paul, Paul Blake, Stanley Pelter, Susumu Takiguchi, and Timothy Collinson collected by Ed Alison Williams. 

LETTERS by Carol Purington, Elizabeth St Jacques, Marc Thompson, Thelma Mariano, paul.conneally, Gino Peregrini, Giselle Maya, June Moreau

ESSAY by Jane Reichhold

PARTICIPATION RENGA by AB - Alice Benedict; CC - Carlos Colón; CF - Vikki Maldonado; CG  - Cindy Guntherman; CSK - Carol Stroh Kemp; dht - Doris H. Thurston; DR - David Rice; DWP - Darrel W. Parry; EF - Eric Folsom; ESJ - Elizabeth St Jacques;  FA - Fay Aoyagi,  FP - Francine Porad;  FPA - Francis (Paul) Attard; GD - Gene Doty; GM - Giselle Maya;  GR - George Ralph; JAJ - Jean Jorgensen; JC - Jeanne Cassler;  JMB -  John M. Bennett; JR - Jane Reichhold; JS - John Sheirer; JSJ -  Joyce Sandeen Johnson; KCL - Kenneth C. Leibman; LCG - Larry Gross; LE - Lesley Einer; LJ  - Lael Johnson; MHH  - Madeline Hoffer; ML - Minna Lerman; MM - Marianne Marks; MWM   - Mary Wittry-Mason; N - Nika; NA -Nasira Alma; PC - Penny Crosby;  PGC - Pamela Connor; PJS - P.J. Sharpe; PS - Pat Shelley; R - Ronan; RF - Robert Flannery; SCH - Suzette Hains,  SD -  Simon Doubleday; SMc -  Steve McComas;  TLG - Terri Lee Grell; TV - Teresa Volz;  TW -  Tundra (Jim Wilson) Wind; WR - Werner Reichhold; YH - Yvonne Hardenbrook; ZP - Zane Parks.




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