Put your Book in the Brautigan Virtual Library

Head Librarian -- Philip Adams

Have you put together a small book of your poetry? Are you discouraged with the thought that to get the book published, distributed and paid for is more than you can handle? But still you would like to share your work with anyone who would like to read it?

Now you can.

If you are capable of putting your book up on your web site, we would like to make a link to it from here in the Brautigan Virtual Library. Bring readers to your site by letting us lead them to your book!

You and others are encouraged to come here in quiet moments to read the books in which people have put so much of their lives into words. 


In the opening chapters of Richard Brautigan's novel, "The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966", originally published: New York : Simon and Schuster, 1971, his protagonist is the caretaker for a library situated at 3150 Sacramento Street in San Francisco. A library opened on this site in 1870 and survived the earthquake of 1906; or at least parts of it did.

This part of Brautigan's story elaborated on the concept of a library beyond libraries where anyone who writes a book can bring it to be added to the shelves that never attract dust. Here books are accepted in any form (as long as they can sit quietly on a shelf). They are registered but there is no Dewey System. The author alone decides which shelf the book is best at home.

In Brautigan's story children brings books about their toys which they have illustrated with their crayons, adolescents bring the stories of the pains in their days, old people write the book of their lives: all these are carefully saved.

It is a growing tradition that public libraries also set aside some shelves for the books written by the neighbors. In the same way, we here at AHA! POETRY have a place for that book you've written but never got published.

It would be an honor for us to have your book on our shelves. We will register it and list it for readers to open and read. If you have a moment, please go to the Brautigan Virtual Library to read from the treasures there.

The book still belongs to you. It is yours to publish in other ways and we wish you blessings on finding the right place for it. Having your book on the Brautigan Virtual Library only means you are letting others read your work in this way because no other possibility exists.

To start with, and because there are certainly more unpublished books than any other kind, we are asking that you send us a notification only books of poetry. If you have a book of your poems on your web site send us the URL (address for your page) so we can make a link to your book.  Be sure to put BRAUTIGAN LIBRARY in the subject line of your e-mail and state that you wish for the book to be put online in the Brautigan Library. The address for your e-mail is ahabooks@mcn.org


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